About Us

Welcome to Jilted Generation. This is a blog about the millennials also known as Generation Y. They are also called “The Boomerang Generation”, Generation WE’, and “The Peter Pan Generation”. This generation refers to people who were born between 1984 and 2000. To date, this generation has sparked more conversations, studies, and judgements than any other before them. People are questioning whether they are a blessing to the world or a curse.

Despite the controversy and the doubt in the abilities of this generation, they are now forming a large part of the workforce. I am the parent of 3 millennials and I decided to shed some light on this phenomenon that has the world debating and speculating. All 3 my kids are great and self-sufficient. They definitely show a lot of the traits of millennials, but I personally see the benefits and the potential that this generation can bring.

This blog is to help people better understand Generation Y and why they are the way they are. Every generation is influenced by the time in which they are born and it is no different with Gen Y. Despite people believing otherwise, they are actually quite interesting and versatile.

I hope you enjoy this blog. If you would like to share your opinions or experiences, please visit the CONTRIBUTE page for more information.