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4 Generation Y Traits You Should Know About Before Hiring Them

Generation Y has been accused of many things – both good and bad. They are called entitled, selfish, demanding, lazy, and self-obsessed. They have also been called innovative, open-minded, and charitable. So, what do you need to know about them before you hire them as employees?

Gen Y is connected

They know everything about social media and how to use it to their advantage. If you are not present in social media, millennials may just pass you by. If you do employ them, they will be an asset and can help you with designing an effective social media strategy.

Gen Y can multitask

They are very good at doing many things at once. This also means that they are easily distracted and find it difficult to not be tempted by their phones, games, social media, etc. If you employ millennials, set short-term goals and give them a variety of things to do. They will not do well with the same task day in and day out.

Gen Y needs recognition

Because of how they were raised, millennials need recognition for what they do and they want to feel like they are making an impact. If you employ them, make sure that you explain the importance of their job and also make sure that there are rewards for milestones or good work.

Gen Y wants flexibility

Millennials are much less willing to sit in an office from 8 to 5 than previous generations. They want to have flexibility in their day. They want to be able to work hard and play just as hard. They want a balance between work and doing other things that are important to them. If you employ them and it works with your company’s nature, allow them to work from home now and then. Tell them that as long as they meet deadlines and put in a certain number of hours daily, they can be at work and away from work when they want.

Millennials can be great employees and they are hard workers. Employing them just requires a few tweaks on the traditional models of working hours and job requirements.