How millennials are changing the way we view leadership

Millennials are becoming the biggest employee demographic and they are already becoming a huge influence shaping the future of employment.

How will it change?

The change that we will notice the most about leadership is the way we approach and view it. What we expect today in leadership is a manger who does not make demands but who directs. The days are gone now when the boss is sitting in an office away from his or her employees dictating roles etc. Millennials like to be called ‘leader’ now instead of the ‘boss.’

They also want direct communication with leadership teams, from their manager up to the top person in the company. They believe that all employees in the company should be accessible regardless of how senior their role is. This builds trust, dedication and loyalty in Millennial employees.

As they are leaders in the company they value open workplaces and they want to create a one where everybody has the opportunity to have their opinion regardless of their tile or position in the company. Millenial leadership will consult with managers, peers etc before they make a decision.

How can companies help?

Companies can help Millennials grow as leaders by teaching them as much as they can, whether they are in management position or working their way up to one. It is important to give them the chance to lead, begin small and if they are proving they can handle the responsibility, be sure to give them more. They need more direction than past generations but if they get the right support they can become valuable employees to a company.

If you want to lead and manage Millennials you have to make them earn it; it’s all about showing them how to get there. Give them manageable goals and praise them when they are achieved. If you provide them with goals to work towards it will give them a better understanding about their role. Their work is important to them and they want to be assured that it matters.

Try to keep Millennials in one company for longer to invest in their training. Millennialls can sometimes see jobs as places to grow and learn rather than to stay there for a long period of time. Provide them with opportunities to learn within the company and this way they will think long term.

Millennials can sometimes want to impress managers etc so they don’t always ask for help or advice when they need it, as they think they will be viewed as unqualified. They are always up for a challenge and it is important to give them instructions but also to let them figure things out on their own.

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