Millennials mixing old and new

Discussions about millennials range from their diversity, lack of concentration and inability to conform to the norm and ingenuity. It can get a little confusing sometimes. Some see these points as either positive or negative. What should be done with millennials energy and drive is to combine it with some other generational thinking and give them the grounding that they sometimes miss. A great example of this is how millennials outsource a lot of work rather than take it upon themselves to begin and end a project, sometimes it is easier to find someone else to do it.

The lack of motivation or will to stay working on a project through rough periods is definitely an area of the millennial generation that needs to be addressed. Here we are going to look at some methods and ways to grow millennial awareness and how some older generational thinking can benefit this generation.

Create a work ethic:

Rather than outsource every job and task that doesn’t fit your overall career ideas or personal plans. Start and complete a task that is otherwise unrelated to your fields. For example, fix a leaky pipe and don’t rely on sprinkler repair henderson nv. It will help stimulate your mind and avoid burn out from repeating the same steps day in and day out, having another area to focus a portion of your energy will help diversify your abilities and what experience you can bring to new roles.

Find a hobby:

Like doing new random tasks, find a hobby outside of your comfort zone. It’s a great way to expose yourself just a little, giving you a positive outlook on how far you can push yourself and step into new situations without help. You will learn new skills, have fun and network which is always great for your business and personal life.

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Sense of ownership:

If you are constantly working for somebody else you may not feel a connection between yourself and the result. You are simply complying to company policy and working towards someone else’s goal, if you create your own tasks and goals I guarantee it will create a sense of ownership over something that you have helped create. It might also increase your understating of induvial people’s passions in certain projects and situations. A sense of ownership is a great source of pride and is a very positive attribute for many people as it shows determination and passion.


Rather than trying to complete ten half tasks, focus on one at a time. Turn off your social media channels and engage in the projects at hand. In the millennial era, it is easy to get distracted by the buzzing in our pocket, the new tweets or latest meme. If you get distracted like this for to long, you will never complete assignments to the fullest of your ability and this will show in your work and studies.

Although the millennial era gets its fair share of critics, history shows each new generation suffers this same period. It is up to you to prove them wrong.

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